Water Damage Restoration

Water is one of the most destructive elements to your home. When an emergency strikes, time is of the essence to remove the water, and restore your home. Water damage can continue to damage your property until it is removed. At Quality Restoration, we respond quickly to your need, and ensure a restoration that will not only stop damage from occurring in the future, but bring your home back to pre-loss condition. Our four step process provides the highest level of service, ensuring you of a Quality Restoration.


Quality Restoration will remove all excess water from your home using our portable extraction units and wet/dry vacs. This first step is critical for your home to start the restoration process. We dispose of the excess water in a clean and efficient way, ensuring that your home is prepared for the drying process.


Once your home experiences water damage, most household materials absorb and retain some water that can not be extracted. To completely dry these materials, Quality Restoration uses industry leading equipment to circulate the air in your home, dehumidify the area, and heat dry affected materials. This process speeds up the normal evaporation process, and allows us to start the restoration process.


Once we have effectively removed water, and the materials in your home are dry, our team of expert construction professionals will inspect and repair any needed structural, electrical, or mechanical components of your home. This insures that you don’t have to deal with future issues later down the line.


The final phase of the Quality Restoration process is the reconstruction and restoration phase. This involves replacing or repairing flooring, drywall, and fixtures. We strive to handle this process with our team instead of handing it off to a General Contractor, ensuring a complete restoration from beginning to end.

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