Fire Damage Restoration

Fire, smoke and soot damage are extremely destructive to your home. Quality Restoration acts quickly to eliminate lingering effects after the fire event, and restore your home back to normal. Our state of the art equipment and techniques help not only repair the visual aspects of your restoration, but to eliminate the smell of smoke and charred materials that remain.


After calling Quality Restoration, we quickly inspect your home for damage, apply protective tarps, and isolate fire and smoke damaged areas using containment techniques that include negative ventilation, dehumidification, and drying equipment. This step helps to eliminate not only the smell of smoke, but also the growth of mold from water damage.


Our adjusters work with your insurance carrier to determine the proper claim amount that will bring your home back to pre-loss condition, and our team of construction professionals work to restore and reconstruct all components of the damaged area.


Quality Restoration will inspect your home after a fire loss for structural, electrical, and cosmetic damages. We work with your insurance carrier to establish a true scope of loss, and work towards a plan for a complete restoration.


Even after a fire emergency, you will need to protect the belongings and undamaged areas of your home. Quality Restoration uses tarps and state of the art equipment to avoid further damage to your home, and allow you to get back to normal sooner.


Once we have inspected and isolated the damage, our team of construction professionals will work to restore your home to pre-loss conditions. We can also improve areas that you might have not liked, while restoring all components of your home.

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