Interior Storm Damage Restoration

After a storm event, the interior of your home could be affected. From leaking roof systems, to structural damage to walls and electrical components, exterior damage can cause serious interior problems. Quality Restoration, and sister company Quality Exteriors, can help solve both problems. The benefit to using a company with experience with exterior construction can help speed up the insurance claim process, while allowing one company to handle all the repairs needed. The value provided by Quality Restoration is unique to the industry, allowing you to get back to pre-loss condition on the inside and outside of your home.

Interior Damage

New construction of a home, and rebuilding the interior of your home after a storm event are two totally different processes. Building materials, design, and interior finishes all have to be carefully matched to the existing components. Quality Restoration has the experience and knowledge to ensure a rebuild that will be up to pre-loss standards at the worst, and even work with you on improving the interior of your home as a best case scenario.

Exterior Damage

After a storm event such as a hail storm, wind damage, or downed trees, your roofing system could be damaged to an extent that it will need to be replaced. Significant exterior damage can also lead to interior damage. Quality Exteriors will work with your insurance carrier to define a true scope of damage to the outside and inside of your house, and repair both damaged components. You can rely on the experience of one trusted advisor with multiple capabilities.

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